PRETECT Security

  • Security management tool
  • Easy to start
  • Monthly subscription


Checks and inspections are essential in a professional safety, security & quality organization. Periodical checks, random checks and inspections to meet quality standards or regulations. Every PRETECT checklist is fully flexible and easy to plan. It structures checks and inspections with workflow, action management and management information. Easy to start as a web based solution with monthly subscription.

Module features

  • Set up your own checklists
  • Plan checks
  • Cause & Risk analysis
  • Check standards and targets
  • Action management
  • Check procedures
  • Management information

Application features

  • Check application roles
  • Business unit based data
  • Periodical reports
  • Management dashboard
  • Microsoft Word Export
  • Microsoft Excel Export
  • Adobe PDF Export

General features

  • Web based
  • Module based
  • Role based access
  • Email notifications
  • Scalability
  • Multilingual
  • Custom configuration


* Software as a Service: Internet application for a monthly fee.
Price per user per month including your own VPS. *


  • Pretect Checks

Up to 5

24 €

Up to 15

8 €

Up to 50

2,5 €


*VPS: the prices include hosting costs on your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) for a safe environment on the internet.